Skunks And Yard Damage

Skunks in your yard can be identified by small holes and are attracted to your … it can be as damaging to the integrity of your home as a much larger animal.

Identification The skunk, a member of the weasel family, is represented by four species in North America. The skunk has short, stocky legs and proportionately large feet equipped with well-developed claws that enable it to be very adept at digging.

Hey—What’s that smell? If you think you’ve got a skunk hanging around your yard, it’s time to act! Here’s how to identify and get rid of skunks in your yard and garden.

How To Repel Skunks From Your Yard-Get Rid Of Skunks If you need skunk help, click on my Nationwide List of Skunk Removal Experts for a pro near you. Are you thinking that you may have skunks visiting your yard quite frequently and turning it into a mess?

Skunks are easy to recognize with their bold black and white coloring.

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Tips for identifying, controlling, and getting rid of skunks in the garden, as well as advice for skunk spray … Of course, skunk spray is a common sign of damage.

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Oct 7, 2014 … Are skunks and raccoons causing significant damage to your lawn? To get rid of them, get rid of grubs. Learn more at